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Some of the best food I’ve had the pleasure tasting. Service on time, food delicious, staff very professional, and the owner is very delightful. Worth all the money you will spend, worth referring to friends and family. Definitely looking forward to using this service again.

Collier Swanagan

Hi the owner is awesome an the food is so delicious lol no lie make you wanna smack yo mama I ask to please try it out you will love it

Nishema Lee

No lie I wish I can have her as my personal chef the girl is amazing how can u cook everything ??‍♂️ ??⭐️

Sam Jones

Food is delicious the jerk Mac in cheese is a must taste

Nannette Gilbert

The food is amazingly tasteful!!!! Worth every penny. The fish is good, the mashed potatoes are awesome, and the Mac n cheese is divine

Johnny Jackson

I’ve personally had the opportunity to work and collaborate w the owner. She’s very professional and knows exactly how to move around in the kitchen under pressure. From one chef to another Job Well Done my friend. ?

Michael Barnett

The food was delicious and the customer service was superb!

Sha U

Catering & Events


The holistic chef provides many services and options from traditional southern style cuisines your granny use to make, to classes aimed towards teaching both the youth and adults how to grow and cook their own food to  ancient herbal spiritual healing and practices many of our ancestors survived on…. Whichever reason your spirit lead you here, you’ll be met with love, positive energy and the most unique healing experience.


"I don't just create food, I create healing magickal experiences."

– Chef Dominique –

The Process


I grew up on traditional southern style food as a kid and learned early on of its many ways it can be a blessing to others. It’s allowed me to create many special moments for others like bringing loved ones together for a feast, refreshing your memory palate to foods you use to eat growing up or creating a dish simply to heal the body. Food is my way of transferring my love and energy into the world through my hands. I believe it’s important to cook only with the best energy and intentions, freshest ingredients and lots of love.

Let food be thy medicine.

– Chef Dominique –

Contact Me


Wanna book me for a service? Drop me a line and let’s get going.